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How to start a highly profitable Airbnb, without owning a property, spending less than 1 hour a week with automation...

How we started an Airbnb with a property we didn't own, with less than $10,000, and made $23,590 in one month!

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Secret #1: You don't need to own a property to run an Airbnb! + How you can use the arbitrage method to sublease a rental property from the owner.


This model allows anyone to get started, and can be the building block to owning more homes like it was for us. BUT, you want to make sure you follow my 8 step method in order to make sure you do this the right way.



Secret #2: You can use automation to save you time, and make you more money! + With a few automation softwares, you can work less than 1 hour a week.


Hint: If you feel like this sounds like a ton of work, and that you don't have time to manage it, you won't want to miss this! I automate EVERYTHING. Some weeks I only spend 5 mins working on our properties. This can be almost completely passive.



Secret #3: How to start an airbnb with minimal investment. + You don't need a ton of capital, and I'll show you a few creative financing options!


Anyone can make this work. Whether you have some money set aside or not, I will show you how you can start your 5 or 6 figure property with minimal investment.



Meet your host,


  • Owner of Epic Stays
  • Owner of BNB School
  • Airbnb Ambassador
  • 6 Figure per year Airbnb Property Owner
  • 7x Airbnb Superhost
  • Hosted over 600 guests
  • 4.9 Star Rated Host
  • Co-host & Consulting
  • Studying for my Real Estate License
  • Marketing Strategy Director for over a decade
  • Systems & Strategy GEEK
  • Coach & Teacher - I have been teaching online longer than I have been doing Airbnbs!
  • Pitch Master
  • Addicted to Learning and staying ahead of the curve

I can't wait to share my secrets with you!


I know how much of an impact even just 1 property has made for our finances, and I want that for you!!


Airbnb's CEO says company will need millions more hosts to meet surging demand... trust me, there is enough room for us all! 

A note from Erica...


The best time to start an Airbnb was yesterday, but the second best time to start is today!

Especially with everyone making up for the travel they missed in 2020!


I honestly wish I could travel back in time  and tell the young me all the wisdom that I now know. If you are willing to spend 60 minutes with me, I will help you get light years ahead. It's never too late to start, but the most up to date strategies can give you the rocket fuel you need to start a HIGHLY successful Airbnb. Trust me, if I knew everything I knew know when I first started I would have made upward of $20,000 more my first year! 1 little nugget can make a HUGE difference in your return on investment.


My goal for you?


After this Masterclass you will be able to FINALLY see the road map that will not only help you learn how to start an Airbnb, but I will show you how to start it with minimal capital, and how you can automate everything so that you are spending less than an hour a week managing everything!

See you there!