Learn How to Start & Run a HIGHLY successful Airbnb Property Using the EPIC Method...

"I could not believe how much money I was leaving on the table. I have multiple long-term rentals, and I am going to be converting them all to short-term rentals! I already have one listed, and I have booked over $23,000 dollars in the first 3 weeks!


I am blown away! My cashflow for this property when it was long term was only $250 a month, and I thought that was good! I am projecting over $3,000 a month profit from this property!


You can see why I want to convert all of mine, like yesterday!


If you’re on the fence about joining, just do it. You’ll be glad you did. Erica is successfully running her Airbnbs quite profitably and if you want the fast track to results like hers, the fastest way to them is to learn directly from her. She made mistakes, so you don’t have to and you can grow faster than she did!"  

KRISTI J. - Irvine, CA

"I am SHOCKED at how much money we are making! If we weren't using the pricing software and strategies that Erica taught, we would have never thought we could make this much! Plus, I set it and forget it. It does all the work for me, and knows when to increase the price due to demand and events in the area.


We just completed our first month, and we made $6,852 from our one bedroom property. Plus we have another $10,000 in bookings that are coming up. Those alone, will pay our expenses for an entire year, and everything else after is profit.


The course gave me and my wife the confidence to finally list our space, and I wish I did it sooner! We are already looking into buying another place to short term rent! We are so indebted to Erica's course, and her personal assistance when we needed it! (We aren't very tech-savvy)"

SAM R. - South Haven, MI

Imagine if.. could make $1,000, $5,000, $10,000, even $20,000 + a month... working on average less than 1 hour a week. were able to turn your long-term rental into a short term rental, and 10x your cashflow. knew how to reach out to landlords so that you could get started without owning any property... without fear of rejection or coming off like an amateur. were able to help people have the best vacations that they will remember forever, and you got thank you DM’s on a daily basis. were able to become the top 1% of all short-term rentals in your market.


And... were able to leave that job that you hate. were able to have a second income for a safety net, or to save for that thing you've been wanting. were able to spend more time with your family. were able to receive constant mentorship and guidance for whenever you feel “stuck” in your  journey - and you never have to feel alone / overwhelmed.


Want to make this your reality?

Imagine your inbox looking like this every single month...


New payouts every few days, rolling in like clockwork...


(screenshot from my inbox...)

EVERYONE can make money from short-term rentals, but most don't.


Mostly because they never start, or they don't know what they are doing.


I'm here to change that, and shorten the curve for you!

Does this sound like you?

👉I need more money! It honestly feels like all the money I make at my job just goes to paying off debts or keeping up with the cost of living. If I do have something extra, I know I should be investing it in something for my future, but I also want to have fun now. 


👉I don't have enough free time! It seems like I am constantly busy and exhausted and I have only ever traded my time for a paycheck. I want more free time, but I can’t cut back at work because I need that money. 


👉I don’t know how to start an Airbnb! I know these things can be highly profitable and can change my life, but the idea of starting one seems so overwhelming to me. I don’t even know where to start. 


👉I don’t own a house… so I can't have an Airbnb! I can only run an Airbnb if I own the house, so maybe one day...


👉I want to travel, but being tied down to my job doesn't let me! I would love to live in a van and travel the country or jet set around the world, but 1 week of vacation per year just doesn't allow that. 


👉I want to spend more time with my kids and be a stay at home parent! In today's world, I think it's crucial that I get to have a big part in raising my kids, but we can't afford for me to step back from work. 


👉All my income comes from my job! After this last year, I see how important it is to have multiple streams of revenue. I want to know that if something like a pandemic happens again, I'll be financially safe and so will my family. 




👉I have tried Aribnb, but it wasn't very profitable and it was always empty! I tried this in the past, but my place didn't get very much per night and I had tons of open days where no one stayed. I know it has worked for people in the past, but I don't think my house is cool enough, big enough, or in the right place. 


👉I have heard it was way too much work! I tried it for a bit, but it was too hard and way too time-consuming to keep up with all the messages, guest check-ins, and cleanings... Not to mention keeping on top of everything and staying organized. 



You're Not Alone...


I talk to people every day about these very things

+ their goals and desires, and that is exactly

why they join BNB School


Check out these few student stories below



Are you someone who just wants a legitimate "side hustle" that can bring in excellent cashflow, and also doesn't require a ton of time?


He is working full time and was looking for something that could bring a high ROI with low time investment,

he is now able to manage 3 properties that bring in over $30,000 a month!

“I was looking for something that would bring in a high ROI with a minimal time investment, because I work full time. Airbnb really seemed like the perfect fit. I knew I needed help from a pro in order to get them up and running faster, smoother, and more efficiently. I have seen the way Erica has run her own properties and knew I could count on her to help me do that and be the most successful fast.


The EPIC Method systems and automation have been an absolute game changer. I am at the very minimum doubling my investment each year, and doing it as a part time 'side hustle' if you will. I am able to manage 3 properties that are bringing in over $30,000 a month in my spare time. That is unheard of!  "

Michael S. - Tampa, FL

Are you a stay at home parent looking for something that is flexible, part time, from home, and can make you a lot of money?




Stay at home parents are a great fit for this role. They have the ability to be available for guests, and answer messages quick when they come in. All while being present for their kids at the same time.

She has the flexibility to be a full time stay at home mom,

and shes bringing in more than she did before kids in a corperate career!

"I left my corporate career after my second child was born, and recently decided I wanted to find something that I could do as a stay at home mom to bring in some extra money. I actually debated joining an MLM because I know people can be successful (even though most aren't), but it just didn't feel right.


I had seen a few people who were successfully running Airbnbs, and my friend suggested I look into Erica. I am so glad I did! I jumped in head first, and now I am making more than I used to make in my full time corporate career! AND I still get to stay home full time with my 4 kids, and I am only working for an hour or 2 a week.


My next goal is to get more Airbnbs, and retire my husband so we can travel more.


I would highly encourage all stay at home parents look into getting even just 1 Airbnb property as a supplement to the family income. It is an incredible thing!"  

Staci K. - Pheonix, AZ

Do you have property that you want to convert from long term rentals to short term rentals?

She had a major eye opener and realized how much money she was leaving on the table with her traditional rentals!

As a real estate broker, she now wants to get all of her clients doing Airbnb as well!

She has properties that she had previously long term rented out and was sick of all the problems,

she is now excited to convert to  short term rentals and not only avoid these problems, but make more money!

I loved Erica’s course! I walked into the course owning property that had previously been rented out, and after many tenant horror stories that came true (non payers, damaging furniture, painting walls, removing carpets, etc) I wanted an alternative and AirBNB seemed like a good opportunity. Thanks to Erica, I can now see a safe and profitable way to utilize these properties without the risks that occur with traditional renting."

JOANNE H - Long Island, NY

Do you already have a short-term rental property, that you want to improve upon and optimize?


She went from making $0 dollars and getting zero bookings,

to making $4,735 her first month after applying BNB School trainings!

“I was beginning to think I wasn't cut out for this, or that this wasn't going to work for me. I knew I needed some help, but I was shocked when I didn't get a single booking after a month of my San Diego property being listed! I knew Erica was the perfect person to help me, because I had seen her success with her properties, and I liked the way she ran her business. AND I am happy to say that after digging deep and implementing what I learned from BNB School, I was able to make $4,735 from my first month. My goal was only $2,000, so to say I'm thrilled is an understatement! I also made an extra $350 utilizing the orphan day training! Erica's golden nuggets are truly invaluable. If you want to be the most successful at Airbnb, I highly suggest taking BNB School. Don't waste your time trying to figure it out yourself. It isn't worth it!

ANA - San Diego, CA

She had an Airbnb for a year and had no automations set up,

to now having all of the automations set up which is making her MORE MONEY, and SAVING HER TIME!

“Erica was very detailed in her training and has the EXPERIENCE that allows for her to be one step ahead of the game; knowing what we need before we do. Hands down, this training was so much more valuable than I thought and I highly recommend it for anyone launching a BNB...only if you want to be successful 🤷🏻‍♀️


We already had an Airbnb for about a year, but I had no automations set up. The messaging automation saves me SO much time! And the pricing trainings have been getting us MORE bookings, AND at even higher prices! Also, she isn't lying about less than 1 hour a week. I actually probably spend on average about 30 mins a week for our one property."

TREVA R. - Quincy, MI

Imagine being able to have the confidence and the skills to find the right properties that will pay YOU the big bucks.


You know exactly how to implement pricing strategies to make at least 15% more.


You know what to expect during negotiation and you always get paid what you're worth.


Not only do you know how to set up your property for success, but you also have the complete startup checklist with links to save you so much time on tested products.


You're running it almost passively by implementing all of the automation and systems that the EPIC Method teaches.


You are able to turn this idea into a side hustle, and this side hustle into a full-time living.


The list goes on​...




💰"I just surpassed my full time income in profits from our Airbnb"

💰"I was able to save up to purchase our dream home"

💰"We did over 100k this year!"

💰"I was able to quit my job"

💰"I was able to turn my long term rental into a short term rental,

and I am making WAY more money"

💰"I just booked my biggest stay yet"

💰"I just became a Super Host on Airbnb"

💰"I love that I can make money from anywhere in the world"





This screenshot was taken July 27, 2021 of my Airbnb app. Let's break it down...


👉This is only for 2 homes

  • Home #1: is in Grant Hill, CA (San Diego) and is 3 bedroom + 2 bathroom
  • Home #2: is in Indio, CA and is 3 bedroom + 2.5 bathroom


↖️So far we have booked $145,498 for the year.


AND I am projecting a $275,000 year for these 2 homes.





⬅️Grossed $30,325

  • Our profit was $20,025 (You probably saw the breakdown of this on the webinar)

⬅️ We had a 95% occupancy rate and only 3 open nights between the 2 homes!



What is inside of BNB School?

30+ Training Videos

(Over 8 hours of video)


The course has 30+ training videos and over 8 hours of video content! Each module I explain and teach the strategy, show you examples, and show you how to do it.


Each training also has the entire training in written form for those of you who prefer visual learning.

Proven EPIC Method


The EPIC Method is the exact formula that Erica and 30+ others have used in order to be in the top 1% of their markets.


The step by step system will shorten the learning curve, and have you years ahead!

24/7 Support


Not only do you have Erica's personal email, but you also have access to the teams help desk to send in any questions!


PLUS: The Private Facebook Group is a place to connect with me, my team, other experts, influencers, and alumni students. Ask questions, get answers, collaborate, and stay up to date with updates and exclusive content.

LIFETIME ACCESS + all updates


We update the course with all industry changes and any new strategies ALL THE TIME!


You will have lifetime access to all of the updates with alerts so you are in the know before everyone else.

Module 1: 3 Methods to STR


The most crucial step in this entire short-term rental journey is getting clear about what your end goals are, what resources you currently have available, and which method of starting your next STR is right for you. No matter where you are in your passive revenue journey, one of these three models will best fit your needs and goals. This is the foundation that the rest of your journey is laid upon. Once my students choose their method, the real fun begins :) 

Module 2: How to Find a profitable STR


Here is where we get to teach the secrets and tactics that we have honed over the last two year to ensure that you are starting a highly profitable STR. We make studying your market effective and simple, and go over some of the best things to add in order to be able to charge a premium. We also talk about what to avoid when choosing an area, and how to go about acquiring more units, even if you are not the owner of the property. 

Module 3: Furnishing and Setup for higher ROI


The last thing you want to do is what most of our competition does. We see so many Airbnb’s throw whatever furniture they have into a room, cheap out on the rest, and call it a finished product. Trust me when I say that a little bit of tactical purchasing can pad your pocketbook for years to come. We don't go overboard with our units, but we will teach you how to “ball on a budget” in order to maximize the amount of money you will be able to bring in. 

Module 5: Listing your Space


The Nuts and Bolts of how to actually list your space on Airbnb, the genius of great photography, and how to create copy that's so compelling people will be copying you :) When a guest can imagine themselves and the memories that they are going to make at your place even before they get there, you know you are onto something great. 

Module 8: 5 Star Hospitality


The systems and tactics taught in this section will not only ensure that your guests have an amazing stay, but will also help you be proactive in eliminating every host's worst fear! Everyone has heard horror stories about bad guests or even crappy tenants in the long-term real estate world, but we have a few proven steps to make sure the right guests are staying at your place, they are having an amazing time, and they want to stay with you again and tell all of their friends about your amazing place. This is one of the number one reasons we get repeat guests who can't get enough of our houses! 

Module 9: Marketing and Promotion


The more people know about your place, the higher your occupancy rate is going to be… and the higher the occupancy rate (when multiplied by your average daily rate), the higher the income you get to generate. With the correct use of social media and eventually a website, you can charge more, stay more booked up, and collect more money than the other homes in your area.  

Module 10: Run it like a Business


Once you grasp the huge income possibilities, you will need to make sure you maximize the amount you keep and protect this incredible thing that you have built. This module teaches you about just that. From what type of insurance to use and how to replace lost revenue if something ever happens, to what type of business entity you should set things up with so that your tax person will be able to save you as much as possible via tax deductions. This may not be the sexy stuff, but I promise you that extra money in your pocket at the end of the year isn't an ugly look.



Complete Checklist & Easy Shopping Link List

Checklist for every item for every room in your home, with easy shopping links for things we have tested and approved.


40+ Templates and Scripts

40+ Messaging templates, Arbitrage & Co-hosting Pitch Templates, Operations Templates, & Worksheets


Software Discounts & Links

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Personal Airbnb Ambassador

Erica will be your personal Airbnb Ambassador to walk you through A-Z of setting up your listing for success!

Join BNB School Today







"I am actually Erica's turnover team for one of Ericas homes, and I could tell you she knows what she was doing before I ever took this course. I reached out to her because we want to start our own, and I am so thankful for her course!


The templates and checklists were a lifesaver! This is going to save us so much time! The details that Erica gives in every training made me super confident to jump in. We already found a property, that will be ready for us in a few weeks! I'll be able to have the house up and listed within 2 weeks because of the ease this course created! Without it it would probably takes me months to be honest! And I would have no idea what I was doing! "

Martha L. - Chula Vista, CA

"Erica continues to go above and beyond. She always gets back to me very quickly. Her videos are very easy to watch and follow, and everything makes complete sense. I feel like everything I need to get started is in this course ,and I’m very grateful to get our first property and have her on our team!


If you want to make more money and take an easy path to get there, you must use Erica’s course!"

Jay L. - Pacific Beach, CA

"When I had the experience of staying in one of Erica's Airbnb properties and learned more about how this experience was for her and Raf, I was instantly intrigued. My partner and I had just purchased a home with an additional unit with plans to renovate and rent but we really had no idea where to begin and BNB School gave me the confidence I needed to explore this avenue for us. Erica's enthusiasm and very practical step-by-step course, has bolstered my confidence and we'll be testing out our home as a rental later this year while we renovate our mother-in-law property.


Honestly, what sold me was when I realized how much money was on the table with this method and the freedom it could potentially bring us in a relatively short amount of time.


I would tell someone considering BNB School to not hesitate and to get the process started no matter where you're at in the journey. Your future self will thank you for taking the time to explore a potentially lucrative journey and that could offer stability for yourself and your family."

Melissa G. - Tacoma, WA

There are a lot more where these came from... but the only testimonial that REALLY matters, is the one that YOU will have...

The best time to start an Airbnb was yesterday.

The next best time is today.

We all wish that we ALREADY had something that was bringing in an almost massive income — especially right now. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and worried about the current uncertainty in the world, I hear you friend, and I am here for you.


I truly believe that there’s never been a better (or more important) time to start and build an Airbnb business. After all, the Airbnb CEO said he needs MILLIONS of new hosts to keep up with the growing demand!


I don’t want you to look back in 6 or even 12 months from now without a super successful Airbnb, wondering what could’ve been if you only took action.


I want you to have the same success that I have had over the last 3 years!


As you saw on the webinar (or if you follow me online), I know how to run a top 1% Airbnb property, and do so almost passively...


It’s time for you to decide what you really want this year. Maybe it's more money, guilt-free shopping splurges, more time freedom, more impact.. whatever it is.


Or spend more time doing what it is you really love, whether that’s time with your family, learning how to finally play the guitar, vacationing around the globe and/or never missing your favorite barre class - you decide.

Just know that whatever you are wanting is within your reach right now...


It won't last for long!

 Was $1599 


What’s standing in the way of you having a successful Airbnb business, and reaching that "Super Host" status?


I know that starting your first Airbnb can be scary, but what's even scarier is not doing anything! There has never been a better time to get started, and I am giving you the step by step blueprint to success!




This is a special offer AT $1199 or $449 for 3 months - and will be going up in price soon. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.


Can I find this information for free online?

You can find a lot of information online. Bad information, confusing information, information that skims the surface. You will not find anything like what I teach online for free.


What if I'm not tech savvy?

That is exactly why each module has tutorials and explanations on how to do everything I teach. The course software is super easy to use, and very user-friendly!

Is it really worth it?

It's worth a lot more! In fact, a single booking can earn your money back right away! If I knew everything in this course when I first started, I would have made tens of thousands of dollars more! I made this SUPER affordable so that no one had to think twice about purchasing it. 

What if I don't understand, is there support?

We have an amazing support system! You can submit a help ticket right within the course software, that will get sent directly to Erica to answer. You can also ask in the Private Facebook group for help!


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